WWE Raw 2

WWE Raw 2 – Software Publisher’s Description:

WWE Raw 2 review:5 stars (this is really cool) – this game is really good it has great grapics and a really good season mode you could set some body up or become really good friends with some one i was shawn micheals and i was best friends with hulk hogan we won the tag team titles then when we lost it i sweat chin music him kicked his a**2 stars (It is really bad) – This game does have a big roster but it is really confusing. The graphics are good but it sucks.
3 stars (WWE Raw 2) – Raw 2 was a lot better then Raw 1 but it still has a lot of work which needs to be done on it. I will list some pros and cons of this game.


  • Huge roster with lots of good variety of wrestlers.
  • Lots of match types such as the Hell In The Cell, Table, Ladders, TLC, Street Fight, Hardcore, Cage & Battle Royal with many variations to them.
  • Continous season with most of the belts to go for except for the Intercontinental Title and the US Title as they weren’t around then.
  • Multiplayer Season mode.
  • Great Create A Wrestler mode with lots of items and you can’t make lots of great wrestlers. You can customise any wrestlers attires,moves and entrances to suit however you want.


  • Not enough match types matches that should be added should be First Blood, Elimination Chamber, Elimation Tag Matches and many more gimmicks like Inferno, Buried Alive or Casket.
  • No blood there should have been blood.
  • No storylines in season mode occasionally you have a match against an enemy but thats it.
  • Stupid computer AI with nothing happening if your hanging off the belt in a ladder match.
  • The controls and moves are too hard to control and there not very fluent as they take too long to do the move.

Overall this game is alright except it needs a lot more done to get up into a good game its still an average game though. Buy it if your a mad fan or if you collect every game.

WWE Raw 2 Features:

  • Video Games
  • Xbox (x box)
  • Microsoft
  • Sports
  • Outdoors
  • Updated roster featuring more than 60 WWE Superstars
  • Multiple match types including Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way, Battle Royal, King of the Ring and Tables, Ladders and Chairs
  • Compete in a multiplayer season mode with up to four players controlling their Superstar and vying for the WWE Championship!
  • Enhanced gameplay and control scheme
  • Exclusive to the Xbox, rip your favorite music tracks to the hard drive to create the ultimate Superstar entrance!