Warlords BattleCry 3

Warlords BattleCry 3 – Software Publisher’s Description:

Warlords BattleCry 3 review: 1 stars (The worst RTS game ever made in history!!!!) – This game is complete garbage. All the grachics they use in this game are recycled from the last game. Not even the old 8-bit Sega Genesis games would dare use the exact same graphics as the last game. And they did this 3 times. Some of the units in this game were used in the first game which was released almost 4 years ago!!! I have more money on my Ebgames Card than the budget they had to make this game; and it shows! Graphics that are below Playstation 1; poor sound; stupid gameplay; worthless new races. The biggest thing though is that all the concept ideas for this game were stolen from the Warhammer games. Go to www.gamesworkshop.com and you’ll see what I mean. But the Brits thought this game sucked so bad they didn’t even waste time sueing this guys.5 stars (the best game ever!) – I havent played the propre game yet, but when my brother downloaded the demo it was the best! even though we could only be the dwarves and the swarm, it was still the best game ever. i had to give this game 5 stars any1 else who’s played this game would probaly say the same. so what if the graphics r a bit dodgey its not them u looking at its the the gameplay who looking at.I’ve got 2 words to explanethis game it rocks!

4 stars (Good, but could have been better) – This game really isn’t as bad as a few news sources have claimed. That said, those sources (including the illustrious and respectable PC Gamer) do have their points. Let’s go over the basic pros and cons of this game.Pros:- Incredible depth in terms of races (16!) and units, probably unsurpassed by any other current RTS out there- Over 130 spells- A unique RPG/RTS approach that others are starting to copycat- A vast and addictive campaign- Tons of cool new magical items for creating a personalized character- A more involving storyline than WBII which (basically) offered a simple mandate to conquer the world. This one has a more developed and interesting story- A refined interface, superior in every respect to the C&C; series. – Tons of strategic options, like the ability to set unit groups to have certain “attitudes” (i.e. cowardly, aggressive, rampant, fallback [units return to base when 25% HP], stand ground, magic defensive, etc), the ability to setup and monitor patrol routes, etc.- A convenient resource system that isn’t as anal retentive as Age of Empires but still complex enough to allow for strategic intricacy. You??ll have to weight your options between converting and razing buildings.- A ruthlessly efficient AI in resource management and parallel production- Extremely high replay value Cons:- An improved graphics system (over WBII), but one that still pales in comparison to most RTS’s on the market. – Very bad pathfinding issues, occasionally units will go in the exact opposite direction you ordered- not a good thing, obviously. – Music, though appropriate, is a bit repetitive- Sometimes units in a group will wander off for no reason and it can become tiresome to “herd” them back in.- There are some bad balancing problems in this game. The Undead and Dwarves have severely undercosted units and two of the new races- the Plaguelords and the Scorpionmen or whatever, are a bit too weak at the beginning of the game. Several abilities have become abused (i.e. the “Energy” ability replenishes mana way too quickly.) – the AI, although *economically* efficient as was aforementioned, is not very bright, at least as far as the main Campaign goes. For instance, on one of the early Pirate Treasure Island quests, there’s this ridiculous hero who will come to your base, endure a ton of heavy artillery, run away to heal, *do the exact same thing* a few minutes later, like an idiot until you eventually nail him. (To be fair though, the Skirmish mode AI is unusually strong however, and quite a challenge. Personally I just play the Campaign to get the cool items and play the Skirmish mode to get a real nice war. There is a range of difficulties, from ??Emperor?? to ??Squire.??) Overall: Good, but could have been better. As a side note, many of the above problems and more have been fixed by a recent patch. GET IT NOW. (It??s at the official website by Enlight. I??m not allowed to post the link here due to posting guidelines.) Without patch, 4 stars; with patch, maybe 5 stars. I’ll give it 4 stars though because they should have polished the game *before* selling it.

Warlords BattleCry 3 Features:

  • Computer Games
  • Strategy (Strategic)
  • Simulations
  • World Building (Builders)
  • Computer Role Playing Games (Game, rpgs, rpg, crpg, crpgs)
  • CD
  • Role-playing game
  • Join the people of Etheria in search of new lands to conquer, or fight off the invaders with the Ssrathi
  • 16 races, 28 classes of heroes with a new hero development system
  • 6 different types of new dragons with all with unique abilities and breath weapons
  • For 1 player