Sega Superstar-EyeToy

Sega Superstar-EyeToy – Software Publisher’s Description:

Sega Superstar/EyeToy review:4 stars (This is an awesome game!!!!) – This game is TOTALLY awesome!!! I don’t see why this game is rated Teen. My siblings are 8 and 4 and they do not have any problem with it!! The only violence is the boxing game{which really is not violence anyway.Just some punching.} If you or your child is a Sonic LOVER than get this game!!! Even for your child. I was TOTALLY satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 stars (Quite good) – This is much better than “Eye Toy Play”. Overall, the games have much more depth. Eye Toy Play’s games were too simple, and I had no motivation to try the harder levels.

I’ve tried all the games except Crazy Taxi and the soccer one. Personally Crazy Taxi doesn’t seem all that interesting. My favorites are Nights, Super Monkey Ball, and Samba De Amigo. Many of the games are just plain hard, and your arms will get tired real quick. This can be a good thing depending on whether you want a workout.

One complaint: the targets in Space Channel 5 seemed to become unresponsive when the beat got faster, so I’m not even able to complete easy mode. It could be the lighting, but all the other games seem to work.1 stars (It is a waste of money.) – The SEGA Superstars game is a defective product. I purchased the game disc from Best Buy and tried it in my Playstation 2 console, but my game console can not read the disc. I am not even sure if I can return the open package to SEGA or Best Buy, but surely I do not recommend others to purchase this game. It is a waste of money.

I also saw another kid who was complaining at Best Buy that his mother also bought the same defective product, and the family regreted buying the product.

SEGA should make sure the their product is manufactured properly and make sure that it is compatible with the console they want to play it with, in this case, the Playstation 2.

Sega Superstar/EyeToy Features:

  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Sony Playstation (Play station) 2
  • Playstation2 (Play station2)
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Classics (Classic)
  • Retro
  • PlayStation 2
  • ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
  • Action/Adventure