Mario – Luigi – Superstar Saga

Mario – Luigi- Superstar Saga – Software Publisher’s Description:

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga review:5 stars (WICKED!!!) – This game is so awesome! My friend Jazz has this game too and she’s really far on it. There’s one part where Cackelletta (sorry if I spelled that wrong) fuses herself with Bowser and becomes this thing called Bowlleretta. Jazz says Bowlleretta is really hard. She hasn’t beaten Bowlleretta, but she’s trying. I myself have not battled Bowlleretta, but I’m trying to get there. So if you are thinking about getting this game, I would suggest that you do, because this is really fun! It’s also pretty funny, which is one reason why I gave it five stars. Oh yeah, and one more thing… THIS GAME IS REALLY AWESOME!!!4 stars (Pretty Good!) – This game is a fun and funny rpg for mario. It however loses its sheen and excitment near the end, I wouldn’t recomend it for hard core gamers.5 stars (They finally star in a game, and it’s good too) – One could very rightly say that there is sort of a rivalry between the Mario Bros. Mario has starred in big games like Mario 64, Sunshine, Mario World, Mario 3 etc. Luigi however doesn’t really have great games. He was in Mario is Missing and Luigi’s Mansion and he only has co-starring roles like in Mario Party or Mario Kart. So finally they pair up and even then they reference the rivalry in the first game in awhile they star together in.

Story: Princess Cackaletta is bringing a gift to Princess Toadstool only she steals Princess’ voice and replaces it with explosive vocabulary. Her words are literally bombs that explode. So off Mario and Luigi, a reluctant Bowser and some other cameos are along for the ride(sort of) has the Mario Bros try to rescue the Princess’ voice.

Graphics: Some find it ugly, others say it fits perfectly in this context. I say it’s both. It’s not incredibly animated like Golden Sun and even one could say Mario RPG from the SNES looks better than this but it fits the atmosphere of the game.

Sound/Music: The ever popular Mario theme returns, as usual remixed too. There is little to no voice acting besides Mario’s “let’s go!” or Luigi’s “alright!” and some other things. Mario games tend to have very little voice acting anyway.

Gameplay: You ONLY control the Mario Bros. This game is the spiritual successors to Mario RPG and Paper Mario, games where you controlled not just the Brothers, but here it’s strictly a family affair. And so of course gameplay and battle screens A controls Mario and B controls Luigi always. It’s kind of confusing at first, especially since RPG’s were always one button for action commands but you’ll get the hang of it.

The Brothers can team up on both play areas. Let’s say that that platform is too high for them to jump. Put Mario in front and activate Luigi’s power with the L and they can do a high jump. Likewise, substituting Luigi for Mario, they can do a Spin Jump which allows them to travel platforms too spaced out. Other abilities come your way like shrinking Mario or pounding Luigi into the dirt.

The game has a light-hearted feel with the dialogue and while not as sharply written as Paper Mario: TTYD, it’s still enjoyable to read, especially to the nods to past Mario/Luigi adventures.

The game can be slightly challenging to the young-uns but then again even some stages in Super Mario World will drive anyone nuts but at least it’s forgiving here and it’s a good game too so it won’t hurt to pick it up.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Features:

  • Video Games
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Gameboy)
  • GBA
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Role Playing Games (Game, RPG, RPGs, CRPG, CRPGs)
  • Explore the strange BeanBean kingdom using a unique simultaneous-control setup
  • Interact with other classic Mario characters and enemies throughout the game
  • For 1-4 players over link cable
  • Hilarious action roleplaying game featuirng Mario and Luigi
  • Unique RPG elements allow you to level up Mario and Luigi, increasing their stats and powers