Jak II – Software

Jak II – Software Publisher’s Description:

Jak II review: 5 stars (Decent Platformer, Great Game) – Jak and Daxter, was created seriously and beautifully. A great concocion! and in this game, not only you get profanity, you get crude humor, strong character designs, and even strong violence.

Jak X Combat Racing is probably due October, 25th.

This is my score.

Graphics, 10/10

Gameplay 8/10

Value 9/10

Tilt, 10/10

This is a great game! buy it or suffer the consequences5 stars (Amazing) – I bought this game yesterday.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are very smooth and there isn’t any choppy frame rate. And another amazing thing is that there are no loading times, even with these amazing graphics.

Sound 9/10

Solid sound, and great music that fits the game perfectly. A little repetitive

Gameplay 10/10

The targeting system usually consists of laser sight which is pretty good. Also with GTA out they used the same idea of stealing cars in this case hover cars. There are many missions you won’t be able to put the control down. I played into the early morning.

Value 10/10

The game is now only 20 BUCKS and no wonder it’s a greatest hit.

Also if you like Ratchet and Clank you’ll like this game to, and vice versa.5 stars (The Greatest Video Game Ever Made…..) – In 2001, Naughty Dog Inc., the creators of the first four Crash games, created Jak And Daxter. While it was an excellent game, it lacked many things, such as weapons, racing, etc. and all in all wasn’t long or challenging at all. Games like Sly Cooper and Ratchet And Clank blew this game away, untill the series took a MAJOR plot twist two years later. In 2003, they brought us the game known as Jak II. It had a much darker tone to the game series, such as adding swearing, more adult themes, much harder gameplay, guns, and most importantly, Jak now speaks – with an attitude. This brought mixed feelings. Most enjoyed the new style, while fans of the the original was disliked it. I for one think it’s awesome! The story starts off not long after the events of Jak And Daxter. Keira hs fixed the time machine and they are about to test it when a dark creature appears, pulling our heroes into the vortex. The spiral sends Jak And Daxter into the future, where they land into the dark and gloomy Haven City. Jak is captured and for the next two years is spent being tortured with Dark Eco, all to create a dark warrior for the ruler of the city, Baron Praxis, to fight off the invading enemies, the Metalheads. Daxter luckily finally arrives to find Jak now has deadly new dark powers that turn him into a monster of destruction. They escape and begin working for the Underground, a resistance network trying to stop and overthrow the Baron himself. However, many plot twists happen along the way. The story becomes more than just Jak getting revenge, but from saving the city from the evil Metalheads, and destroying their dark leader, who may be closer than he appears. One of the main reasons Jak II excels as being the greatest video game of all time is the fact that it has every type of game in it. GTA, platforming, Ratchet and Clank style guns, squad based missions, racing, you name it! Some how, a little bit of everything is in there. For those who played the first game ( I myself hated the game and only finished 70% of it before deciding I disliked the whole thing ), please DO NOT expect similar gameplay. Jak’s original moves are the same, the old character’s are mostly the same, but that’s it! It’s a whole new experience that should take the average gamer a while to finish. It’s about twice as long as Jak And Daxter. Just at least rent the game and you will see, despite the difficulty, it is the greatest video game ever made…

Jak II Features:

  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Sony Playstation (Play station) 2
  • Playstation2 (Play station2)
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Use 4 powerful weapons and hop in and out of vehicles including a hoverboard
  • Meet fantastic characters with incredible AI
  • For 1 player
  • Futuristic adventure with mission based gameplay
  • Take control of Jak and fight your way through hordes of enemies