Hitman Contracts

Hitman Contracts – Software Publisher’s Description:

Hitman Contracts review:4 stars (If you liked the previous Hitman games this is for you) – Hitman Contracts did a lot of things right. The missions are much more open, the interaction is improved, and even the load times seem smaller. If you liked the previous Hitman games this certainly will work for you, I loved even the first Hitman game despite the then horrible control interface in the PC version of Hitman I. So all of that is better, but there still are some snags.

  1. The enemy A.I. remains lacking. You can still just ambush them as they run stupid one after another past a door.
  2. The briefings are horrible, I though Hitman 2 explained a lot more what was expected of the mission. In this case you often have to stumble a bit to find some of the crucial aspects.
  3. There is no plot. I always thought this was going to be a straight up prequel. But the “story” is mostly the memories of 47 as he is wounded and remembering his past contracts. This form creates a very strong disconnect between missions as well.
  4. There are limits on save games per level. I just hate that, specially since I love to try to kill no one but the target, which means a lot of risks and potential loading. IMHO this was done only to increase the hours of gameplay since the game is relatively short. And considering how sometimes a simple error can ruin your stealth; it is easy to press a wrong button and accidentaly pull out a gun, or a common programming error where a guard sees you through doing something you wish he hadn’t seen. That sort of stuff is mostly ok, but I wish there wasn’t a limit on saves per level.

That said I don’t wish to paint too negative of a picture. It is still Hitman, it still is pretty good, and it is a great step up from the original Hitman. It just didn’t feel better than Hitman 2. 4 stars (Great but short game.) – Hitman: Contracts is a great game for the less-than-hard-core gamers out there who just want a game that they can pick up easily and play without having to work too hard. I beat the game in about a week and a half. I bought the book which has helpful, but if you are acquainted with the series you can probably get by without it. The programmers have made it more difficult to get by with just the run and gun approach, and offer rewards for obtaining the silent assassin status. I have played many of the missions over again, trying different approaches. Darwbacks: it is short (only tweleve missions) and there is absolutely no plot. 3 stars (Rent it) – Beat this game in two days. You can beat it in two hours if you run through, indiscriminately killing. Why not? We’re Americans, born and raised on the philosophy- Work smarter, not harder. Guess the foreign programmers didn’t take that into account. It’s alright, we still have Halo.

Hitman Contracts Features:

  • Video Games
  • Xbox (x box)
  • Microsoft
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Use stealth and firepower to achieve objectives
  • Interactive environments include improvised weapons
  • For 1 player
  • Action game set in shady underworld
  • Eliminate bad guys all over the world