Half Life 2 Collector-s Edition

Half Life 2 Collector-s Edition – Software Publisher’s Description:

Half Life 2 Collector’s Edition review:1 stars (Just say no) – The box says “internet connection required” in very small type at the end of the system requirements label.

What they mean is that it will install adware on your system, require a fast connection to install, and (I guess) require a connection every time you want to play even in single player mode. I will never play the game because after I finally finished installation it forced me to create a “steam” user account, then it hung while “decrypting game files” and said “Our servers are busy, try back later”. Muddy field, couldn’t play.

Cast a vote against adware, spyware and the whole “phone home” software genre. Avoid this game like a rabid squirrel.4 stars (A decent buy.) – if you love the games than the buy is totally fine, but the box set has a small “xl” shirt with the HL2 Logo in white and its quite small. other than this fact the single dvd containing HL2 and HL2: Deathmatch, HL:CS:S on one single dvd is very great instead of the bulky 4 cd’s from the standard edition. I bought Hl2 SE myself and only bought HL2 CE due to the sale that went on a few weeks ago.2 stars (Eye Candy with an empty shell) – First off, HL2 looks amazing and it represents a technological achievement. However, when I purchase a game, I don’t want a souped up verison of a tech demo (heck that’s nvidia’s and ati’s job). I want meat and content that engages my attention and time. HL2 has failed to deliver a decent storyline and the usual run of the mill FPS quality. Sure, it’s great to run around the levels and oggle at the details, but give me a break! That lasts about 20 minutes before it gets old. And speaking of old if I wanted to play CS and deathmatch, I could have stuck with HL 1 since both haven’t changed much in the last 5+ years. Really, HL2 has the same gameplay as HL1, but it took them years to crank out an awesome looking graphics engine. The FPS genre is getting highly repetitive and HL2 did nothing to change it. HL1 was ground breaking because it broke the traditional FPS legacy with better gameplay and a storeline plus great online functionality. HL2 is the same as any other generic FPS out there, but it just looks great. Perhaps, you’re thinking I should stick with strategy and role-playing games if HL2 is too shallow for me, but I think the whole FPS world needs to step outside the bloodsport mentality and offer something more thought provoking!

Half Life 2 Collector’s Edition Features:

  • Computer Games
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Shooters (Shooter)
  • Havas
  • CD
  • Includes free limited-edition t-shirt, offered in men’s size XL only
  • Limited edition DVD-ROM version of Half-Life 2
  • Exciting action and immersive storytelling with new realism
  • Player’s presence affects surroundings and behaviors of others
  • Counter-Strike: Source; Half-Life: Source; Half-Life 2 prima book