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Pokemon – Carrying Case – Software Publisher’s Description:

Portable electronics need to be protected from both liquids and falls, especially when they’re used by children. Protect your Game Boy investment with a carrying case that features a loveable Pokémon monster. The outer casing is made of a nylon fabric to protect against small spills, and there is padding between the inner and outer layers to protect against slight bumps and blows. The Pokémon Carrying Case holds a Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Color, plus six game cartridges, accessories like earphones and link cables, “AAA” or “AA” batteries, and instruction books. There are two carrying straps; one acts like a handle, while the other allows over-the-shoulder wear.

Pokemon – Carrying Case Features:

  • Video Games
  • Nintendo Game Boy (Gameboy)
  • Cases (Case)
  • Protectors (Protector)
  • Great Deals (Outlet store)
  • Carries a color Gameboy and six game cartridges
  • Additional space for cables, hardware and trading cards
  • Padded and waterproofed for maximum protection

GLOBAL STAR SOFTWARE Outlaw Tennis ( Xbox ) – Software Publisher’s Description:

GLOBAL STAR SOFTWARE Outlaw Tennis ( Xbox ) review:

GLOBAL STAR SOFTWARE Outlaw Tennis ( Xbox ) Features:

  • Video Games
  • Xbox (x box)
  • Microsoft
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Sports
  • Outdoors
  • 16 playable characters – including 1 surprise character
  • Improve your players’ Power, Endurance, Control, Serve, Accuracy and Speed to make them into a champion
  • 12 courts with multiple surface types – from concrete and black top to dirt and hard-polished wood
  • Play in 50 tour matches and 7 different match modes
  • Multiple shots and serve types

Driv3r – Software Publisher’s Description:

Driv3r review:1 stars (Not worth it) – This game was definately not worth the hype (If there was any). I remember seeing a commercial for it and I was thinking “GTA ripoff” and it pretty much is. GTA is alot better than this in everything, this game was to bland. I got bored with this really, really quick.5 stars (its a good game, realy) – this game is good, graphic= san andreas , whicj its not but its only 19.99 so get it1 stars (WASTE OF MONEY) – Driver 3 is one of the worst games i have ever played. I wasted my money and life on this. At first it looked really appealing to me, but it didn’t turn out so goo after that. The big problem this game had was it came out too late for its time. If this came out before gta III this would be flying off the shelves and would be a big hit and making gaming history, but it was a few years late, and that is what made it so boring and bad. To anyone who buys, rents or even thinks about this game, DON’T PLAY IT. it’s not worth buying, renting, or thinking about it. It just wastes time.

Driv3r Features:

  • Great Deals (Outlet store)
  • Detailed cities feature approximately 30 square miles of roads each
  • Both in-car and on-foot missions
  • For 1 player
  • Action driving game
  • Go deep undercover in Miami, Nice, and Istanbul