Counter Strike

Counter Strike – Software Publisher’s Description:

Counter Strike review:3 stars (Old Classic In Need Of A Serious Upgrade/ Tied to Xbox Live…) – This is mainly an online game that was ported to the Xbox from the PC. The game was made before 2003 and it shows. The graphics are great and the AI very realistic. I would give this game 2 stars if it was released in 2005 but for the times it was state of arts. There is no story or plot. You have a choice of different scenic maps to battle on. This describes single player mode since this game will not always be supported online. There are only 2 scenarios: Hostage situation or Bombs. You have a choice to be either a Counter Terrorist Assault team or a stinken terrorist. You start the game with a certain amount of cash and you have only a few seconds to choose your loads using a pin wheel. You then go at it. Kill all your opponents to win the game or accomplish the goal of either foiling the bombing or rescue the hostages. These are the issues I have with the game:

  • The game has little strategy other than picking a point for ambush.
  • The AIs are dumb. They get in your line of fire and disobeys orders. They like to throw grenades at the start of a mission for no reason but to hurt you.
  • Very limit orders list makes for frustration. AI will report enemy spotted but not where.
  • Weapons are well detailed even to the point of reloading like real weapons but effectiveness is laughable. How many rounds in the head with a M60 does it takes for the opponent to die??
  • Grenades are few and ineffective. I can catch the enemy in a tight group and throw a grenade and do they die. NOPE! They only lose about 40% Health points.
  • Flash bangs blind you even when you have your eyes down or your back towards the blast.
  • The terrorist have an unfair advantage and have 2 ways to win. Just killing all the terrorist isn’t enough if they already set the bomb.
  • Bomb exploding can hurt or kill you if too close when it goes off. Even when deep inside a building.
  • The maps are too small. It’s easy to guess where the enemy are.

This game is priced cheap but I recommend buying it used. The game can be highly customized with weapon types and cash amounts but as a real game it’s lame. It’s no fun to get killed early in a game. You then become a spectator watching all the AIs play which could take minutes. There is no 2 player version.

There isn’t even a high score or stats section other then end game results that’s reset after each game series. This can be a great game online but you need XBox Live and you need to find an opponent to play with. For a game it seems very incomplete and mindless.3 stars (Fun.. Only On Xbox Live) – If you dont have Xbox Live, dont buy this game. You will be really dissappointed by the single player, its a waste of time. Just computer bots that you kill. Kinda wack. The xbox live is fun though.3 stars (Could be better…) – The game is in serious need of some better maps and AI. Your team is worthless.

Counter Strike Features:

  • Video Games
  • Xbox (x box)
  • Microsoft
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Credit card required for monthly membership of Xbox live
  • DSL or cable modem required for Xbox live
  • For 1 to 16 players with Xbox live
  • Take part in counterterrorism missions
  • Play single-player missions or challenge others in team-based multiplayer games on Xbox Live and System Link