Cabela-s Dangerous Hunts

Cabela-s Dangerous Hunts – Software Publisher’s Description:

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts review:5 stars (VERY EXCITING!!) – The title says it all, it’s dangerous! When your in Africa and you hear rumbling in the bushes and out comes a big ferocious rhino charging at you while you look for the button to shoot it and you miss and then your being chased around in the sahara by a huge rhino then they got the title of this game just right. It’s so excited and amazing that you just can’t stop playing this game after a couple of hours. Everything is great about this game, you can hunt in a lot of places, you can also use a wide variety of weapons and accesories, such as a pice of meat to use as bait when hunting mountain lions. If you want an exciting hunting game than I suggest you purchase this game.3 stars ( VERY FUN but too hard to be great.) – This game can be fun. The quick hunt is loads of fun and you can choose your difficulty level to suit you. Also you can choose any weapon, piece of gear etc. Other wise the action mode gets old fast, heck all it just animals attacking you, not even a moments rest. Now the career mode I hate. As far as I know it is impossible to save after a kill. Of cours I have given up on it. Hopefully you will find a way to save because it is very fun. I love quick hunt so thats all i play. I really would recomend this game to any hunter.5 stars (Its a lie that the game is bad-it actually rules!) – A lot of reviewers are saying that the game sucks. WRONG. You don’t need ak47s or m16s to hunt. HELLO???? Hunting does not include weapons from the police, S.W.A.T., or the army. Hunting is shotguns, rifles, knifes, and pistols not automatic weapons.

And other reviewers say this game is slow and the graphics are not good well yes they are not very good but thonk about it. How hard do you think it is to make something in a game have the greatest graphics in the world?Вї?Вї You gotta think that making this game is hard. and with a lot of all that hard work its gonna take a while to load duh! This game is very realistic to what it is to hunt in real life. You don’t run up to a bear and just kill it. And if you think the terrain is bad well that is what it is like in real life. Some sya the game is boring. well……… Instead of playing the same level over and over try quick hunt to differen’t levels instead of doing the same darn thing! I say this game is very well made if you thought about it this game is really COOL and if you think that the game sucks think about what you’re doing.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts Features:

  • Video Games
  • PS2 (PSX2)
  • Sony Playstation (Play station) 2
  • Playstation2 (Play station2)
  • Sports
  • Outdoors
  • Each hunt is different
  • Multiple gameplay modes
  • For 1 player
  • Extreme hunting game puts you at risk of mauling or worse
  • High-quality graphics and realistic kill system